Girl Details/女孩详细

Name 昵称: Chun Xia-春夏 (3261)
Age 年龄: 25 Years Old
Height 身高: 161
Boobs 胸围: 34C
Languages Spoken: Chinese
Include Room 包房
Area 地区:
Location 地点: Kovan 高文
Damage 价格: $110/60mins/Body Massage/2 HJ
Mobile 联络号码: 96390689


  • Shower Together/陪洗澡
  • Ear Cleaning /采耳
  • Authentic Massage/正规按摩
  • Upper Roaming/触摸上半身
  • Temptation Massage/诱惑按摩
  • Head, Neck & shoulder Massage/头,颈和肩部按摩
  • Authentic Acupressure Massage/指压按摩
  • Body Oil Massage/油推
  • Guasha /刮痧
  • Kneeling Massage/跪背
  • Stepped Massage/踩背
  • Lymphatic Detoxification/淋巴排毒
  • Prostate Care/前列腺保养
  • Juagen/抓根
  • Hand job/打飞机

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Please reject if you saw not the same person. and Pay when you meet the Real person.



  • player says:

    This is at spa or private condo

  • Xiaonanhai says:

    Just visit the girl.when I open the and see her is let me surprised.because how can the girl look so nice and sweeter.real beautiful than a pic . The massage also let me feel amazing so I changes my time to 2hour because real let me feel enjoying and relaxing.pls try this girl and cherish her

  • 小屁孩 says:

    刚找了小姐姐不是很你们开玩笑 一开门看到本人真的吓到 吓到是因为以为自己看到什么了 原来是一个诱人的小姐姐 一句亲爱的听了心都化了 然后到按摩 身心疲惫的我按完真的感觉松了很多 再到服务那舌头真的会让你上天 各位记得去试试哦 遇到好的一定好好对待

  • 小男孩 says:

    I found a sweet girl this morning .I not kidding that the service figure is really impeccable ,especially the seductive voice is simply impossible to control without any determination .I highly recommend you to try and take good care of this sweet girl .

  • Sweetlove says:

    Try to imagine a first time visit but totally no feel like stranger like. This is really my lucky day.

    Her massage is really nice and she also offers ear cleaning services as well.

    A very nice package and indeed she is hardworking hence deserve this credit.

  • Lucas says:

    地方乾淨,不趕時間,採耳把我的耳朵都通了好舒服,過後還有按摩. 不能錯過啊

  • Decentboy says:

    Not the chatty type however very hardworking type. I think she is professional to take care of customers.

    Location and room also fine. A good recommendation for those who want value for money

  • lover boy says:

    She is a long timer with me and I am still writing some comments as she deserved it.

    She provides nice massage and really work well with my needs. Most importantly she understand what I am seeking and I am also able to communicate with her.

    Really nice feeling and it’s very important to build such trust. Am sure you know what I mean 😝.

    Will see her soon again.

  • Big foot says:

    The moment she speaks it melts my heart with her sweet voice.

    Really enjoyed every moment with her especially her massage skills.

    Got to give a 👍

  • Dicky says:

    Just return from a very satisfying massage. Her skills is one of the more favourable as compared to many.

    The location is discreet and place is clean.
    Good place to return for a sweet relaxing time with her.

    Must really spend more time with this lady😀

  • Hi says:

    She can hj twice?

  • Blueblue says:

    Massage is best trait for her. Gentleness is her next best trait.

    Location is easy and room is clean.
    Will RTM.

  • Like like says:

    Another day for relaxation. She is very consistent in her massage skills. She is hardworking and pleasant looking.

    The ear digging can also be a nice complement.
    Overall the place and location is good.

    Good to go.

  • Bluebird says:

    A well deserved trip to visit her. She is gentle voice person but her hand massage work is not those flimsy type. Puts in good effort when doing the massage and I must say it’s really up to most people standard.

    Do look for her as she just return back. Rare to find good services nowadays.

  • Buddylove says:

    She provides good massage and one of the best you can find around. Also she provides ear digging services and she is really professional.

    Pls treat her well as such services are very hard to find nowadays. Feel free to visit as she usually surpass your needs.

    Cosy and comfortable feeling.
    Will RTM soon

  • applepie says:



  • Gamer says:

    Super nice and welcoming from this gal.
    She brings a lot of skill set especially with her ear digging techniques.

    If you need a good hard massage this is they right person as well.

    Enjoy and treat this gem well.

  • Arrowhead says:

    Impressive service from this lady.
    She is not only polite but very experienced in knowing your needs.

    She has a sweet voice that really soothe your heart. The environment is clean and nice.

    Money well spent

  • Daddysweet says:

    A cheerful smile makes your day.
    She is very polite and hardworking. Her service level is above par from many that I have visited so far.

    Good to have her as my personal massage partner if only I got lots of vitamin M.

    Anyway seeing is believing. Take good care of this girl.

  • Baddy says:

    Great body and handwork from this lady.

    Really hard to imagine good massage still available these days. Got to work hard for more vitamin M Liao.

    Take good care of this gem

  • Sugary says:

    A beautiful lady and hardworking service.
    Location is pleasant and the environment is nice.

    Most important is that she easily break the ice so will not be awkward first time.

  • Sweet heart says:

    The goddess finally came back .the service is as gentle and considerate as before.your figure is absolutely impeccable .you almost want to treat her as your girlfriend and that attractive will never regret it.the most special is that you have found so much without trying .is feel really comfortable. It really worth recommending it to everyone.remember to treat her well.