Girl Details/女孩详细

Name 昵称: Lu Xi-露西 (3237)
Age 年龄: 23 Years Old
Height 身高: 160cm
Boobs 胸围: 34B
Languages Spoken: Chinese
Include Room 包房
Area 地区:
Location 地点: Eunos 友诺士
Damage 价格: $120/60mins/Massage/1 HJ
Mobile 联络号码: 91300855


  • Shower Together/陪洗澡
  • Nude Massage/裸体按摩
  • Upper Roaming/触摸上半身
  • Temptation Massage/诱惑按摩
  • Head, Neck & shoulder Massage/头,颈和肩部按摩
  • Authentic Acupressure Massage/指压按摩
  • Body Oil Massage/油推
  • Catbath/漫游
  • Breast Massage/胸推
  • Stepped Massage/踩背
  • Kneeling Massage/跪背
  • Prostate Care/前列腺保养
  • HDLY/海底捞月
  • Juagen/抓根
  • Hand job/打飞机
  • BJ With Cap/带套口交
  • CIM With Cap/带套口爆


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Please reject if you saw not the same person. and Pay when you meet the Real person.



  • Drener says:

    I don’t write review .

    But this massage girl massuer that wanted to write for her .
    She knowledgeable experience skillful magical tatical pressure point massage
    Good service so far I heard .
    Anyway overall relaxing enjoying
    Highly recommended
    Thigh calf was solid good 👍

  • 景鹏 says:

    一个字形容 ( 赞 )

  • Alex says:

    Good massgage with HJ

  • Matthew says:

    Great powerful fringed press point to point very accurate on the back .
    Also note that she doing well for thigh calf area.
    Everybody said she doing a great job for massage . I think never try never know .
    Once try feel like really better than outside spa .

    Anyway had a great massage yesterday noon was amazing relax and definitely will come back again for you massage .
    Highly recommended and rating 100%

  • Max says:

    Massage Girl important thing massage have power and point accurate meanwhile is hang job must be very magical .
    She is experiencing on it
    Great job
    She know how to step by step and let you feel heaven relaxing .
    5 star giving ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • PengYong says:


  • Vincent says:

    Everybody review said that her massage was damn good .
    Finally my turn to try it .
    Wow really amazing I cannot believe she is knowledgeable by step by step massage like master teacher .
    Mani point is thigh calf area was super good
    For me I’m a runner just nice for her thigh area massage .
    Lucky have met her yesterday .
    Thank you so much your skillful and today sleep super well until 11am wake up .
    Good job 👏
    Tomorrow will come back again and promise you write up for review .

  • Micheal says:

    Wow very hard to make appointment with her massage .
    She said most time busy and need book at least 1 day before . But phone in need by luck .
    Everybody said her massage skill was very good didn’t even try until yesterday I went to try ,only one word can said 好
    She also will ask you whether you want HJ or not .
    If you don’t want she can focus her skillful pressure point massage expecially thigh calf area .
    Anyway thank you so much
    Good sleep last night
    Cheras 🙂

  • Samual says:

    This is my four times booking her for massage .
    She is professional and good attitude
    Well done 👍
    Still maintain her skillful knowledgeable pressure point massage
    Nice and overall prefect end
    Thank you so much
    Will return again100%

  • Adrian says:


  • Roy says:

    Today is my first customer
    Great Sunday for me
    Lucky I’m first bcos her hand power was there
    Point pressure until I say stop on my thigh calf area
    She is experience massage and good HJ massage ending Denison.
    Overall enjoy and relax
    Thank you

  • Lennon wen says:

    Nice massage
    2nd position magical HJ
    3rd end sension
    Overall quite good
    Return rating 100%

  • Ah Wen says:


  • Mark says:

    So many review that her massage was good
    Wanted to try her skillful and magical.

    Wow after try really amazing for me .
    She know how to do pure massage
    Experience knowledgeable

    Good job
    I will return again
    Save my $$$$$ first 😁😁😁😁

  • Adrew’s says:

    Not bad massage
    Lucky had a sension with her skillful massage today 01/10/2021
    Powerful HJ my become body vibration .
    Will return again

  • Iron man says:

    She is Working hard massage
    Pressure point accurate
    Magic hand job
    Prefect end sension
    Highly recommended
    She only doing pure massage

  • Tak says:

    Prefect pure massage
    Good job 👏
    Return 09/10

  • 大哥 says:


  • Haige says:

    Visit four times on her .
    Standard still at there powerful skill knowledgeable experience always never disappointed .
    That’s why I choose super pure massage .
    Thank you so much 😊
    Next week I come again that I promise .
    Next day sleep super well
    Oh my god

  • Bre says:

    Nice pure massage
    Just end her skillful pressure point .
    Really better than outside spa
    Finally found it knowledgeable experience massage .

  • 夜猫 says:


  • Bernard says:

    Good hardworking massage
    Prefect end sension I’m last customer for Saturday wonderful night enjoyable .
    She is doing pure massage
    Press my lowerback until whole night sleep very well until morning 11am .
    Good job
    Overall 09/10
    Clean place 9/10
    Easy car parking 9/10
    Return 100%

  • Andy says:

    Last night went for her massage
    I think no many masseur can hit her skillful harder pressure point massage so far .
    I think she top 5 in local so far .
    Anyway for me as long as accurate point and experience more than enough.
    Pure massage always can release stress .
    Overall 8.5/10
    Place are clean 9.5/10
    Easy way for parking 10/10

  • Fai says:

    2nd times visit her
    Standard still at there
    Great job
    Good attitude
    Good Magical HJ
    Overall end sension be heaven

  • Teng fong 80 says:

    Finally try her skillful massage
    Was amazing good with Magic HJ
    Last night is my last customer at 11:45
    She said to me last appointment is 12am
    So I rush there at early 11:45pm just arrive on time .
    After massage was very good for sleep last night
    Thank you so much 😊
    Rating 09/10
    Highly recommended 09/10
    Place are clean 09/10
    Good attitude 09/10
    Overall 09/10

    Main point is massage super hard and powerful skill knowledgeable experience
    Will come back again next week
    Save my $$$$ 😊

  • Feng says:

    Very relaxing massage with HJ

  • Cai says:

    Visit Lucy few days ago .
    Was totally sweet and good strength for massage .
    Totally change my mind
    So powerful on her hand .
    Will visit her again 🙂

  • Benjamin says:

    Magic hand skillful tatical massage
    First time met her for steping kneeling massage
    Feeling good relaxing
    Expecially back and lower back leg step .
    Normal massage
    But can feel hardworking
    At least better than outside spa
    Outside keep asking me play ✈️🛩🛫🛬🚀

    But she never ask
    As long as you need HJ than she do for you
    This is good attitude and have to respect her good job 👏
    Return rating high 9.5/10

  • Darren says:

    Very good idea massage
    She is hardworking and accurate pressure point with thigh calf focus massage.
    Overall 9.2/10
    0.8 rating maybe need more power .
    I think she tired 😁
    Return 100%

  • Ah long says:


  • Haige says:

    Prefect end sension with her skillful massage with Magic hand HJ
    Overall quite relax

  • Benjamin says:

    This is my 4 times meeting her for massage
    Standard still maintain great job
    But this time she focus on my back
    And lower back .
    I tell her my problem in my back .
    That’s why she focus on it
    Worth it for 2hours plus end sension
    2 HJ
    I give her $300
    High rating
    See you next weeks again

  • Arron says:

    Oh my god
    My thigh and lower back was damn solic good
    She Humber said that she only can do normal massage for me

    But feel that was amazing good
    She knowledgeable point to point
    Step by step as well

    Expecially is thigh calf area
    Good job

  • Hua hua says:

    Pure super pure massage only .
    Great steping and kneeling
    More important is thigh calf area super press hard and finger press
    Good job 👏

  • Boy says:


  • Zen says:

    Powerful nicely pointed area massage
    She is experiencing massage
    Great good job
    Only pure massage
    Enough for me ✅✅✅✅✅

  • Dc says:

    Purely Nice massage ✅✅✅✅👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤜🤛

  • Lenny tan says:

    Experience massage
    Point accurate
    Thigh painful
    Calf relax
    Pure massage good

  • Lennon poon says:

    Powerful massage for calf .
    Great job 👏

  • Goh says:



  • Nick says:

    Super hard working massage
    Experience knowledgeable especially on thigh calf and lower back area
    Super press hard until painful
    Oh my god
    She is experiencing certificate on paper
    Knowledgeable massage
    Magical point to point
    Good idea 👍

  • Chan says:

    Massage ok ✅

  • Paul says:

    Magical tatical powerful expecially thigh massage was amazing
    She can press until you pain said stop haha
    Overall return 1000%
    Keep it up
    You can do it
    Be positive
    Nice attitude and respect ✊

  • You says:

    Damn good point area massage
    Amzing calf thigh tapping and knneding
    Great job
    Return 100%
    Save my money and return you again

  • 才哥 says:


  • Bernard says:

    She knowledgeable massage
    Good point for are
    Expecially is the back leg step
    Nice 👍

  • 重领导 says:

    A lot good review .
    I tell myself today must go try her skillful massage .

    After try alr
    Wow super powerful hard massage
    Never give me disappointed

  • Jeff says:

    5 star giving that I promise you

    Is bcos your experience professional massage that good
    So give you highly rating
    Great job

  • 好人好报 says:

    So sorry for postpone until late night .
    I fall a sleep in evening night until 11:30pm

    Her is very kind gal
    Still said thank you to her that so late still very kind to let me meet you for massage .

    Give you extra tips
    She is professional skillful massage
    Nice messuer and good attitude.
    Will find you for massage again
    Return rating high 100%
    Good job good massage

    Please respect her
    She is request don’t anyhow touch her body
    If you resfect her
    She will treat you nicely massage

    Overall very good
    Thigh calf lower back
    Still very pain
    I like pain that’s why she said pain not so good .
    Must relax and enjoy much better .

  • Bacfen says:

    Purely expecially calf massage
    Just 纯按摩手法
    Very good for me
    I’m the last customer for 12:30am last night
    Thank you 🙏
    I sleep well
    But back home still getting pain

  • Qing fei de yoi says:

    Thank you so for late still let me make a booking for massage .
    After that sleep well
    Thank you so much
    Cheers 🍻

  • Daige says:

    Very good tatic magical area thigh calf
    Powerful leg stepping point
    Quite relaxing of that
    Overall prefect end

  • 953 says:


  • solo says:

    Guys out there, please don’t believe all the bad comments about her,
    her massage is very good, very strong hard point press,
    face: 100/10, very pretty even without makeup,
    boob: 100/10, her boob is very big and nice to fondle,
    body: 100/10, she really look after herself, very slim and petite,
    massage: 1000/10, best of the best, professional masseuse,
    sensual: 100/10, she is also skillful in this, her charm will make anyone release,
    attitude: 100/10, she is very humble, honest and hardworking,
    GFE: 1000/10, she treat every customers with dedicated care,
    RTM: 10000/10, i have already booked her 11 times, hopefully can go for the 12th times,
    Guys please show your support for this gem, she is a really an angel in our shore,
    Thank you Lucy for all your past session, words cannot describe, you have to experience it yourself.

  • Den den says:

    Just had end sension with her .
    Why her massage so strong expecially thigh calf .
    Great i will return next 3 more days

    5 star higly

  • Johnson says:

    Oh my god

  • Ren guo says:

    She knowledgeable massage
    Experience for many year ago
    Hard working
    Point to point area
    Great job

  • Gong Ying chu Ghiberti says:

    Purely massage only
    Respect her
    If you respect her
    She will do properly and nicely focus what you tired area .
    Anyway my thigh and lower back was clear my problem
    This is the best massage I heard current .
    Outside spa have to learn from her

  • solo says:

    just ended my massage session with this wonderful lady
    her massage was strong and hard point press, released all my aching pain
    she is soft spoken but she has a very sweet and soothing voice
    Face: 12/10 look exactly like all the photos posted, she look even more pretty when she smile, innocent look
    Boob: 12/10 big and fleshy, nice to hand and grab, sensitive nipple when arouse or touch
    Body: 13/10 slim, petite, no tummy, no fats, some stomach muscle, curvy and sexy like an hour glass
    Massage: 15/10 she is very focus on her job, caring as not to overdo it, she is a well trained masseuse in her homeland.
    Attitude: 15/10 she is polite, honest, hardworking. dedicated to doing her job well by ensuring all customers are happy
    GFE: 15/10 her warmth personality and caring attitude will make all bros feel like a king
    RTM: 100/10 where to find such a caring and dedicated masseuse who give us 100%
    Guys please show your support to her as she is new here, tip her well if she is doing a good job
    A gem not to be miss, an angel in our shore.

  • 景峰 says:




  • Wan hai says:

    Pressure point
    Overall ok 👍

  • Rui gt says:

    Prefect hardworking tapping step leg
    Calf powerful massage
    Super pain very pain
    5days already still haven’t recover yet

  • Fang says:

    Nite pure knowledgeable tatic massage
    Thigh calf idea hard for pain rub
    Very good
    Return 10/10

  • 肥肉 says:




  • Derek says:

    Idea for pure massage

    Finally found super good pure massage
    Experience knowledgeable

    I met a lot side spa
    All spa cannot make it
    I think need learn from her skill

    She doing her professional calf thigh was good

    5 star giving
    Return 10/10

  • Fat fat says:

    My third times visit her
    Still maintain her standard
    Great job
    And still hand on powerful skill pressure point at the back
    Calf thigh improvement a lot
    This time more painful than last 2 times
    Good job 👏
    Overall yes good

    Lucky today I requested focus on calf area
    I think tonight running sure very fast .

    I tell her I don’t want HJ
    I respect her
    She said to me don’t do HJ

    Does ppl like HJ sure kenan injury
    I listen to her said ok
    Don’t do
    Just normal massage hard solf tgh presss
    More enough for me and release my stress


  • Cai ren da says:

    Good job massage good
    Purely super purely
    Skill tatic area thigh calf massage
    Amazing well done 👍
    Painful but shiock
    Thank you so much

  • Benjamin says:

    Purely massage only
    HJ 10/10
    Enough for me

  • Bee Buang da says:


  • Wulin says:

    She only doing pure massage
    Anyway for me is enough
    Does ppl need pure massage
    I think is great

  • Den says:

    Nice skillful massage for thigh calf point to point step by step magic tatical .
    Overall nice
    Purely tatic massage
    Will come back again

  • Gerald says:

    Seven early eight early appointment with her
    Never disappointed to me
    Good pure strength and powerful skill for calf area massage .
    This is what I looking for super purely massage .
    After massage I Whole day sure smooth working .

  • Dasheng says:

    Gd experience massage
    Good job 👏

  • Man happy says:

    Feel great after her massage
    Steady stroke that feel high of her hand skill
    Respect her and she will treat you nice massage
    Return rating high 10/10
    Good job
    Hard working
    High rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • 将先生 says:


  • 转译成 says:

    Pure massage always relaxing
    Expecially is professional important
    Just end sension with her massage
    Solid good

  • Mr iil says:

    Really thigh and calf focus massage
    Let me pain for 2 days

    Everybody said her skill for thigh calf was damn solid good
    Now I heard abt it
    Thku so much

  • Na says:

    Experience knowledgeable attitude massage
    Skillful magical tactical hard working prepare point massage
    Great job

  • Hr says:

    Definitely nice massage
    Good tatic massage
    Like a learn before
    Aiya as long as knowledgeable massage
    Overalll great
    Expecially calf area massage Was amazing


  • Hailianghuang says:

    So far I heard one of best working hard point for thigh calf massage
    Great job
    Most calf pain but I accept the pain .
    Overall 11/10

  • Alex says:


  • 王俊凯 says:




  • Cai ge says:

    Really good for powerful enough
    Calf already pain for whole day
    Great 👍

  • Darren says:

    Really a lot good comment review
    Means professional 👍
    Good experience
    Super pure massage

  • Ah pui says:

    Pure massage always 赞
    as long as pressure point must correct
    This is my request

    She do a great job 👏
    Keep it up

    After end sension give her tips $80
    She is working hard
    Forgive me my body a bit big size 😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏

  • Kelvert says:

    Just end sension with her
    I tell her I request on my thigh calf and lower back . She said to me want harder pain or lighted .
    I say pain harder
    After start to press and her skill
    Make me pain 4 days

    Today still pain 23/08/2021

    Anyway she is professional and experience
    Thku thku

  • Arron says:

    Well maintain her standard 👏👏👏
    3rd times is my visit
    Super hard working
    Expecially thigh calf massage in good .
    Anyway now a day very hard to find experience professional attitude ppl already

    Be respect her
    As she don’t like anyhow hand touch her don’t like touch area
    Be respect ✊

    If you agreed that
    She will do focusing massage that you want
    Cheers 🍻

  • Man says:

    2nd time visit her for massage
    Her skill stilll never give me dissapoited
    Maintain her skill hard working great job
    Will come back again
    Thanl you so much
    Now release my back stiffness

  • Des says:

    Gd massage
    Gd job
    Gd tatic
    Gd magic
    Gd power
    Gd point
    Gd skill
    Gd idea to go try

  • 大众汽车 says:

    She magic hand skill massage
    Not bad
    Expecially calf press until very pain sia
    Overall ✅✅✅10/10

  • Ken says:

    Definitely will go back
    Really better than outside spa
    Press point accurate and knowledgeable massage

  • 冥冥中 says:


  • Ha ten Guo says:

    Now a day hard to find knowledgeable massage skillful tatic and magical steping point to point pressure .
    Expecially is thigh and calf area focus
    Was amazing she know what to do .

    Anyway but she request client not to anyhow touch her .
    Instead she don’t like busu hand I think maybe last time somebody anyhow .
    That’s why

    Lucky I respect her
    That she do massage properly for me .
    Thank you so much 😊

  • Zheng yi jian says:

    Sibei 厉害按摩



  • Gary says:

    Only pure massage more enough for me
    Main thing is working hard and stepping for the lower back and calf was good

    Definitely recommend
    Return rating 9/10

  • 副成 says:


  • 黄先生 says:

    Stepped massage
    Kneeling massage
    Pressure point massage
    All prefect expecially is thigh calf was great
    Super hard until pain for calf
    Good job
    Overall 10/10
    Return rating high

  • 高进 says:

    血位准 大小腿按得好
    很专业 很集中的按法

  • 陈伟霆 says:

    My last client 20/08/2021
    She going to sleep

    Anyway she a bit tired
    But still using her professional skillful
    To finish the sension
    Good attitude good massage
    Calf thigh back lower back
    Good job

  • Bong says:

    Purely massage more enough than other .
    For me just nice as long as can clear my tiredness and release my stress
    This is important to me
    She did a good job
    Expecially is calf press until pain for 2-3days
    5 star giving

  • Hhhh says:

    Super pure massage
    Good 👍

  • Mumyou says:

    Not bad for pressure point
    Magic skill tatic powerful

    For pure massage overall quite good

  • 明星人 says:


  • Runner guy says:

    Everybody said thigh calf massage good
    Than today go try
    Oh my god
    Make me pain whole day
    But still ok good to walk

    Anyway too pain also cannot
    But for me after feeling relax and light my leg .

    Overall 10/10

  • Ming sheng says:

    She only do pure massage
    Please respect her

    Now a day hard to find experience professional skillful good attitude masseur .


  • Think own says:

    Magical massage with hard working
    Return 10/10
    Thanks 🙏

  • 老板 says:

    Good leg steping massage

  • Respect ✊ says:

    今天还痛 18/08/2021




  • James tan says:

    Super pure massage
    Great 👍

    Also good for me
    Bcos I looking only pure massage
    She is the one only pure .
    But she doing thigh calf super good
    I don’t know why she can focus thigh calf until very pain .
    Walk also pain for 4days already
    Oh my god
    Good job 👏

  • Vincent says:

    Now a day

    Hard to find good massage
    I just want to be pure massage
    Other no need

    So far she ok 👍
    But she don’t like ppl anyhow touch her body
    Bcos I think have to respect her

  • Bruce says:

    She massage all accurate point to point
    Expecially is thigh calf massage was amazing for me
    She can use whatever use than thigh calf super pain
    Good job 👏

  • Rick says:

    Definitely will return again
    Nice massage

  • Jo says:

    Why she knowledgeable massage 🤔🤔🤔
    I think she learn before .
    She know how to massage expecially is thigh calf focus skillful . Quite relax and better outside spa
    Really good job
    Many thanks 🙏
    Will return again
    But I need save more $$$ first 😁😁😁

  • Aston Pheng says:

    Just end sension for her amazing massage
    Working hard .

    But she don’t like busu hand touch her .
    If you respect her
    She will use her professional skill to massage for you .
    Anyway overall great 😊

  • Hai says:

    Very very powerful pressure point press
    Really professional and skillful tatic
    Magic massage
    Return 10/10

  • Sammi says:

    Best massage in town
    Sibei good thigh calf focus 👏👏👏👏
    Definitely will come again
    When I need pure massage again
    Good job 👍

  • Johnson Khoo says:

    She only doing pure massage
    Overall relaxing
    Thank you 🙏

  • Sebastian says:

    good massage

  • Liver Hong says:

    Purely massage
    Super pure
    For me more than enough
    She can do well focus at thigh calf massage for 30mins
    Oh my god
    Anyway just nice for me
    Bcos I running a lot also need focus on calf .
    Thank you so much

  • Johnson says:

    Powerful really powerful at thigh calf massage .

  • Eric Hong says:

    Massage main important is skill .
    Once skill is there everything will getting great .
    For her is great 👍
    Nice tatic and magical massage . She know point to point .
    This important for me .
    I like massage that’s why I can feel Only second whether she know how to massage or not .
    But she did well
    Great good job
    I only like massage
    Other I don’t like .
    Anyway definitely will return again

  • Wei long Shang says:

    Just end sension with her .
    Overall quite good
    But only she don’t like people anyhow touch her body .
    If you can choose don’t anyhow hand .
    She will focus massage what you want .
    Sure will release your tiredness and relaxing.

    Definitely will return again when I save my $$$ first 😁😁😁

  • 任嘉 says:



  • Dick Long says:

    just ended my session with this pretty girl
    massage on thigh and calf were awesome
    her sensual service was top notch,
    she is tight and wet, making me shoot out fast,
    top up for addition service, will definitely rtm
    need respect her and she will reward you back,
    very high gfe, rating 110/100, best service.

  • Peter says:

    She’s wearing one piece when we meet.she sundress in front of me when she ask me to go naked too.
    Bath me before and after deed.
    Give me enchanting look.
    Her back stepping quit strong & thigh calf was good.
    After 40mins massage will start with hj & follow up bj ….
    She told me & promised from now start will provide what I get and serve all bro the same.
    Wow will return her again.

  • Kelvingang says:

    Wonderfully skill hard calf thigh massage
    Pain for 3 days still getting pain
    Oh my god

    Good job 👏

  • Hua says:

    This is my first time meet her for massage .
    Everybody review said she magical massage was amazing wanted to try after wow
    That’s is great hard and point fingers pressure .
    Expecially is thigh calf was good and press almost 30mins focus .
    Overall ok relax end
    Highly recommended 9.8/10

  • Titan says:

    Skilful massage with hard pressure point finger press .
    Expeciallly thigh calf focus hard .
    Great 😊
    Return back again

  • Sweet potato says:

    1)Shower together.
    2)Nude massage.
    3)BJ with cap.
    This is my 3rd time visit her.

  • Ren Ren says:

    Now a day hard to find good massage .

  • Long says:

    Nice massage with magic HJ
    Really shiock sia
    Will return again

  • Ah keat says:

    Just end sension for massage
    My last customer
    She getting to sleep
    Not bad skill hard press massage .
    Thank you so much

  • Akan Khoo says:

    👍 massage prefect

    Good point pressure

  • Eric says:

    I saw a lot good review .
    That’s why review very important

    This is only way and good review
    Than I decide to go try her amazing massage .

    Good review Never give me disappointed
    Super hard working
    Step up at my body back
    Now better release my back tired .
    Thank you

  • Ah lai says:

    Bo Dan hiam liao
    Consider good
    Better than outside spa 👍

    Outside spa massage 15mins already
    Ask HJ ask special service
    Make me disappointed at all

    But she is great doing focus massage for 40mins non stop .
    Good job

  • NSX Heng says:

    120$ standard is there really worth it
    Bcos she knowledgeable for massage that is important to me .
    Main thing is never eat customer timing this is more important to other .
    Anyway this is my first time write review .
    I think 🤔 other gal have to learn from her .
    Everybody said she doing thigh calf massage was good .
    I don’t believe that I said to me I must try .
    After dat try already one words can write is 赞👍👏🙏🌟

  • Paul says:

    My second visit
    Steping leg massage
    Kneeling on lower back as well
    Good job
    Relaxing end
    Overall prefect end 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • AWD says:

    Shiock sia
    My second times visit her .
    I request on her 2 times HJ she said to me ok .
    Ask me top up litter bit more than I feel reasonable so tell her go ahead .
    Than she do massage a bit more focus on thigh calf for me .
    10mins later she hand was amazing for me second HJ .
    Great end sension.
    Thank you

  • Handsome says:

    Nice HJ
    Nice tissue relax
    Nice end sension
    Nice point massage
    Hard working

  • Terry hong says:

    Who’s like massage
    Can try her skillful professional hard massage
    Really amazing and HJ is prefect end
    My lower pain already release .
    Tmr support you again
    Cheers 🍻

  • Alan khoo says:

    Wow she improved a lot
    My third time visit her
    Still maintain standard for her massage
    Great job

    I think 🤔 I need save $$$
    And come look for you again 😁😁😁😁

    I like her purely massage professional and skillful respect ✊
    Thanks again

  • Garbled says:

    She is smart pressure point to point massage .
    I think she learn b4:)
    Anyway just end her sension for her service rating 9.8
    Prefect end
    HJ are smooth and relax .
    Overall better than other 😊

  • Wenbin says:

    Very good focus pure point to point massage
    Press until my leg pain 2 days
    Really amazing

    I saw t a lot review she doing thigh calf really good 😊

  • 阿么 says:


  • Vincent says:

    Super pure massage with specially thigh and calf focus masssage .
    Point to point finger press pressure hard lower back massage
    Amazing great for me
    Bcos now a day very hard to find experience massage .
    Anyway outside spa have to learn from her .
    Overall 9.5
    Return 9.5
    Keep it up 加油

  • Andy wan says:


  • 洪先生 says:



  • AWD says:

    So many good review meaning is good massage .
    For me don’t care just go try.

    But after try wow wow really hard strong pressure point expecially is thigh calf massage is good .
    But shoulder so so .

    Overall ok 9/10
    Keep it up 👍

  • Jonathan says:


  • Ah Hai ge says:

    $120 price for massage actually for me a t is ok .

    But main thing massage must be good professional. Really never give me disappointment.
    She ready know point to point pressure.
    Good job
    Overall 👍
    Worth it

  • Keegan Wen says:

    Really amazing for her thigh calf massage
    So many review on thigh & calf specialist massage
    That’s why wanted to try .
    After try overall 9/10

  • Lenny says:

    Massage good HJ good
    Normal but relax

  • Kee Kee says:

    I think consider pure massage .
    Bcos she is experiences point pressure .
    Leg step and kneeling massage was great .
    Overall rating quite relax .

  • Runner says:


  • Darren says:

    massage damn solic good expecially is thigh and lower back .
    Rating 90%
    Will go back again .

  • Gilbert says:

    Hard working massage
    Rate 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Yong says:


  • Chu says:


  • Chong Beng says:

    Best point pressure massage with great hj.

    But main point is massage good

  • Cliferd says:

    Purely massage for this lady
    I saw a lot review that thigh calf massage was amazing .
    So that I just went to try .
    Not bad 👍

    For me I don’t expect that hard or pain.
    Just request normal relaxing and just release my stress only .
    Great job 👏
    Thank you

    Will go back again

  • Joe says:

    Aiya ,so many comment only can see it is only nice ,,,good ,,,normal & not good massage.
    Can said something that what is the service provider…like full nude ,,bath together or not ,,what type of service in detail.

  • Fat fat says:

    Nice massage

  • Clement says:

    今天还痛 28/07/2021

  • Desmond says:

    2nd visit
    Wow wow
    Really good sia
    Better than outside spa .
    Outside spa keep ask HJ HJ HJ until pei chey

    Lucky she is not like that .
    She will take 40mins to focus massage that you want .
    Nice 😊

  • 阿老 says:

    Not bad massage thigh calf .
    A lot review said that she know how to do massage .
    That’s why just try
    Ehhh not bad

    But I think need strong a litter bit
    Bcos I quite big guy .
    Anyway overall ok
    Working hard and respect .

    She also client respect her as well

  • Beng Seng says:

    Different people different request
    For me just nice for massage and gods hard working and skill pressure point

  • KK says:

    Normal ,so so.
    Just end session from her.

  • Gilbert khoo says:

    Second time for her skill massage
    Still very good
    She like respect people and respect her 🤔🤔🤔
    And don’t like anyhow hand touch any important area .
    Lucky I never touch and respect her than she do nice nice massage for me
    Thank you so much
    Will go find you again when I free

  • Fun fun says:

    Finally appt with her massage
    Great HJ
    Great massage
    Great prefect end

  • Beeeee hoooooon says:


  • Goh zhen guo says:

    Look: 10/10 look so pretty without makeup
    Body: 9/10 Slim and petit, smooth and silky
    Massage: 9/10 good strength, ease my body
    Sensual: 10/10 hj was like heaven
    GFE: 10/10 feel like real girlfriend
    Attitude: 10/10 honest and hardwking

    Perfect end release my stress
    Thank you

  • 阿名 says:


  • Zhu luo says:

    Hard working
    Good job

  • Chong Lin says:

    Went for 2nd time for her massage
    The standard still there 🙏🙏🙏great job
    Thanks for release my pressure

  • Nelson says:

    This is my 2nd time visit her again.
    Nice person and nice massage .

    This time I request harder more at my lowerback and calf . She said yes and she if pain let her know .

    Before End session I tell her I’m not intend for HJ . Just want to my back stiff go away .
    After dat she focus for me at the calf and back .

    Good sleep
    Thank you so much 🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • PL says:

    很普通 哪里都不能动 没有什么感觉

  • Zara says:

    Overall not bad
    Thigh massage was good
    I think specially thigh massage 👍

  • YY eng says:

    Agree than JJ man bro comment, if cannot touch her what for she working in this trade.
    Have a session with her also find that her massage normal.
    Service was also.
    Outside spa also can found this kind of service.
    If she no change her ways better leave here.

  • Ka ban says:

    Massage and service was normal ,see from review it was very good,maybe she tired or not in stardred.
    For me just a simple massager. Not make up look older…..

  • JJ man says:

    Went to try out her massage and service ,it was so so ,just a normal as other gal.

    • Nelson says:

      I think you anyhow touch her body for important area .
      She don’t like anyhow ppl didn’t respect her .

      For me all ok

      • JJ man says:

        Nelson bro,
        WTF. I paid $ yet cannot touch her body parts. If she cares about her chaste virginity, then don’t do this trade. If not, then scram back to China. Fucking idiot Nelson bro.

  • Wee says:

    Massage normal not like bro comment.
    Total : 5/10

    • Darren says:

      Bro Bro
      So many good comment .
      You only 1 said no good
      Something went wrong for yourself .

      Main thing you got respect her or not ?
      You late or anyhow touch as she don’t like ?

  • seng huat says:

    Nice person sure a lot respect ppl
    she really know how to do maasage
    good job

    she dont like anyhow ppl touch her anyhow area of important
    please respect her and she will do a great massage for you for stress back and tired area .
    like a thigh lower back calf and neck .

    for me overall ok
    as long as she do a great job and release my stress lowerback .

    thank you so much

  • Ah siong says:

    Just End sension this morning
    Overall ok
    I feel like she really don’t like client anyhow touch her body . Bcos I think she is sensitive or not comfortable on it .
    Anyway I’m ok to dot touch
    As long as her massage is good can reliever my leg body tired .
    Thank you 😊

  • Handsome says:

    Just finish a massage session
    Overall ok and relax
    Expecially thigh calf can settle with me tired .
    See you next time
    Next tune maybe can harder a litter bit again . 😁😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Paul says:

    Good massage

  • Nelson says:


  • Darren says:

    Skill leg thigh calf massage super powerful .
    Will visit again
    Thank you 🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Seb says:

    I saw a lot review that wanted to try her skill massage .

    Wow powerful especially thigh calf experience massage .
    Thank you so much
    Release my my leg tired .

  • JeffreyLee says:

    Thigh calf massage really not bad
    She really don’t like anyhow hand touch any area she don’t like .
    What the comment is real 🙂
    But overall massage was good for me
    That is important . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Lexus says:

    Powerful massage for thigh and lower back 按摩方法厉害。

  • Daniel says:

    I saw a lot review said that she doing Thigh and calf massage damn good.

    Finally have time to try this super experience massage 👍

    Anyway she really don’t like anyhow hand touch anyhow area .
    Please respect and she will respect client as well .
    Good job 👏

  • chong lin says:

    professtional right massage pressure point to point finger step and thigh massage .
    a lot good comment for her .
    great job .
    really better than outside spa shop .

    since alot good comment meaning is good .
    she really dont like other busu hand anyhow touch she dont like .

  • Clement says:

    She will focus right massage for if you respect her .

  • Ah long says:

    Working hard massage expecially thigh calf massage .
    Really amazing I can’t believe she really know how to massage .
    Cheers thank you 🙏

  • Running guy says:


  • Francis says:

    For me actually I don’t write comment .

    After trying her massage that was amazing back thigh massage , I can’t believe she really know abt pressure point .
    Keep it up 👍

  • Heng says:

    Good and pure massage .
    Expecially thigh calf massage was amazing .

  • Ah bee says:

    Pure massage super pure 👍👍👍
    Respect her.
    She will focus and let you release stress expecially thigh and calf massage .

  • Gilbert Khoo says:

    Super hard massage and pointed knee massage .
    Very experience knowledgeable massage .
    Great job 👏

  • Mr Tan choon Beng says:


  • Yong says:


  • Benjamin says:

    Not bad pressure point massage .
    She really know how to do well massage . Better than outside spa .
    Outside spa keep ask me ✈️ .
    But this just focus and hard working really amazing for me she doing well .
    Thank you so much
    Really release my stress for the back and shoulder .

  • Lam says:

    Ended a session with her. Overall her massage was decent & comfortable.
    Got syt looks with high gfe & her cbj was shiok
    Overall – 9/10
    Please take care of her & support her.

  • Chu says:


  • Len says:


  • Desmond says:

    Very very pressure point massage
    Good experience for it
    She really know how to do massage 🙂
    Thank you 🙏 for release my stress back and leg . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    5 star

  • Jo says:

    Pretty sweet young thing
    Just try her services
    Good gfe